Money Saving Opportunities

Money Saving Opportunities

In the current economic climate when money is tight and budgets are even tighter we are always looking for opportunities for our existing and new clients to save money, this can be achieved by various ways and means, depending on each individual site specifics.

We have proven that by making some very small changes to servicing regimes, plant operation control or carrying out some minor system modifications, substantial monthly & yearly costs can be reduced significantly.

The key to our success in this area is simple - knowing our products, our business and our clients' needs & requirements. This, coupled with the skilled, experienced and knowledgeable staff employed by Envirowise, puts us ahead of our competitors.

By instigating changes to individual site specifics, whether it be a single domestic household, large commercial site or multiple client sites, in the majority of cases, we can provide substantial cost saving opportunities. By tailoring individual needs and requirements and working more efficiently, not only are we working in our client's best interest and saving them hard earned money but we are also playing another part in looking after and caring for our environment. Some of the more tangible ways this is evident are:

  • Reducing electrical running costs of plant, sometimes saving up to 60% on fuel bills
  • Lowering emissions into the environment and atmosphere by reducing tankering requirements
  • Reduced tankering equals less CO2 emissions and less fuel consumption
  • Introducing energy saving devices to equipment to save on energy
  • Tailoring of Planned Preventative Maintenance regimes to meet environmental obligations NOT supplier's budgets!